Competition Rules    |     Competition FAQ

Dress Code for Competitions – Dressy Casual

Please, no T-Shirts, Ripped Jeans, Hoodies, Muscle Shirts, or Shorts.


Dress or Skirt (with appropriate undergarments)
Dressy Pants / Slacks
Nice Jeans
Dressy Top


Slacks or Nice Jeans
Dress Shirt, Casual Button-Down, Open-Collar
or Polo Style Shirt


WSDC Jack & Jill

·      Newcomer
·      Novice
·      Intermediate
·      Advanced
·      Master 50+ 

*Level 1 = Novice, Intermediate
*Level 2 = Advanced +

·      Sophisticated 35+
·      All Star
·      Champion
·      All American


Hustle Jack & Jill

·      Novice
·      Intermediate
·      Advanced

Strictly WC Swing

·      Novice
·      Intermediate
·      Advanced
·      Master
·      Sophisticated
·      Champion / All Star


PRO-AMS West Coast Swing & Hustle

NOTE: Competing as both Leader and Follower is 
allowed in Pro-Ams.

·      Novice
·      Intermediate
·      Advanced
·      Master – Hustle Only

Rising Star

Leveled J&J Masters – Why Levels?

Many lower level dancers have expressed a frustration with having to compete against upper level dancers in the Master Division.  Therefore, the Master Division will be leveled in Palm Springs as follows: Level 1 = Nov/Int, Level 2 = Adv + and all dance instructors. 

Although points in the Master Division do not affect a dancer’s WSDC ranking, the WSDC only allows us to submit points for one level in the Master Division; therefore, Palm Springs will submit points for Level 2 only.

PLEASE NOTE:  All dancers are allowed to enter Level 2; but Advanced + dancers, and dance instructors, MUST dance in Level 2. We must have a minimum of 10 followers and 10 leaders per contest or the two levels will be combined.


Dance Team Performances – If your team is interested in performing at the Event, kindly contact Jay Byam at, Subject: Dance Team Performance at Palm Springs New Year’s.


Qualify – To compete in our Champion Strictly Swing division, one partner must be qualified to dance in All Star or Champion divisions.


Discount Pass – Champions and All Stars receive a discount off the Full Event Pass when they dance in [both] the All Star and All American competitions at THIS Event. Please purchase the “All Star Full Event Pass – Open Seating” AND register for both competitions at the same time to qualify for the discount.


Rising Stars – For your convenience, you can email your performance music to Chief DJ, Shawn Jessup at with Subject: Palm Springs Rising Star Performance Music. Please include your name and contact information in case he has any questions.