Best Director

Jay Byam, Jay Byam Presents


Best Production Design

H.A. Schiavone, Elegant Occasions


Official Accounting Firm

Gary Jobst, Chief Judge
Paul Stoddard, Scoring
Wren Newman, Competition Coordinator

Master of Ceremonies

Robert Royston

Best Actor in a Leading Role

(Listed Alphabetically)

Laureen Baldovi
Donnie Carl & Regina Shpigel
Jung Choe & Margaret Tuttle
Shay Dixon
Linda Drake
Pam Ford
Brandi Guild
Josh Harless
Michelle Kinkaid
Carrie Lucas
Mark Pablo & Christann Heideman
Carmen & Rosa Passi
Angela Perez & Jonnathon De Gracia
Fred & Leslie Price
Malia San Nicolas
Stéphane & Abi Schneider
Demetre Souliotes
Joel Torgeson
Sonny Watson

Best Musical Performance

Chief DJ: Shawn Jessup
Chris Jones
Helen Tocco
Brain Sforzo
Aidan Keith Hynes

Best Photography

Francisco Membreno

Best Actors in a Supporting Role

(Listed Alphabetically)

Deanna Aguilar
Daniel Carranza
Camille Cordova
Mike Edwarth
Michelle Gaye
Tammy Graf

Andrea Hall
Terri Ibers
Tom Perlinger
Michele Rheiner
Rebecca Rheiner
Chuck Trepp
Awesome Volunteers

Private Lesson for Beginners
Special Convention Price – Only $40

Are you a beginning West Coast Swing dancer? Then, take advance of our special convention price for Beginner Level private dance lessons (50 mins) for only $40! Contact these instructors to schedule time with them at the Event. Instructors are very busy with workshops, judging and competitions, so contact them soon to book your private.

Pam Ford
(619) 948-0511

Josh Harless
(661) 619-1003

Chris Jones
(971) 219-6928

Wren Newman
(206) 679-0812

Stéphane Schneider
(256) 429-8492

Joel Torgeson


Pro-Am Competitions and
Private Lessons (Regular Rate)

NOW is the time to contact your pro and ask them to dance in Pro-Am’s  with you. Their schedules book quickly, so don’t put it off. By the way – Private lessons are a great way to fine-tune your technique, develop your creativity, or tackle some of those stubborn habits that keep you stuck. Working one-on-one enables the teacher to partner with you in reaching your goals or, they can assess your need and design a lesson just for you. When you contact them, tell them what you’re interested in working on and ask about rates and availability. They’d love to hear from you. Go!

Donnie Carl & Regina Shpigel
(702) 723-7746

Shay Dixon – Hustle
(904) 728-7768

Pam Ford
(619) 948-0511

Gary Jobst
(704) 494-1819

Chris Jones
(971) 219-6928

Michelle Kinkaid
(415) 802-3325

Malia San Nicolas
(714) 944-6464

Demetre Souliotes
(310) 920-0373