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Robert Royston Intensive August 2015 “Creation & Choreography” 8 Hour Video

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Learn how to break down a song and create choreography for it $135
Learn how to create choreography to help your social dancing and Jack & Jill contests
Learn how this knowledge translates to social dancing, Jack & Jills, and Strictly Swing contests
Ladies affect more than 50% of the dance, so the ladies will be learning how to create styling and content for themselves
Plus much, much, more!

This training is great for lower level dancers and a MUST for upper level dancers and instructors!
Intensive August 2015
Creation and Choreography

Robert Royston Intensive from New Years Jan 2015 “Essential Dance Skills” for Social & Competition Dancing 8 Hour Video

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Learn how to create & understand syncopations $135
Learn components of most of the syncopations we do in West Coast Swing
Learn musical placement for syncopations
Learn how syncopations create & demonstrate mastery of the dance
Learn how syncopations will elevate your dance and connection with your partner.
Learn how to accelerate or decelerate patterns to better match the music and to better work with your partner
Learn to help your partner understand momentum being requested. This is for both leaders & followers
This class will also help followers w/ their balance & turns
Understanding the difference between the phrase "Constant Connection" and the term "Going to Neutral"
Exercises and practical applications for finally understanding "Connection"
Exercises and practical applications
Techniques & Skills

Intensive Jan. 2015
Essential Dance Skills

Robert Royston Intensive August 2016 Comprehensive Video Analysis 8 Hour Video


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In this session, Robert videos volunteer dancers from the class, and using portions of the video, will help students analyze the technique, musicality, and structure of each dance. This real-time analysis is very beneficial in helping students gain awareness and understanding, which will greatly improve their dance skills. You don’t want to miss this! $135
This workshop is excellent for lower-level dancers and is a MUST for upper level dancers and instructors. Covered in this workshop:
Newest drills for weight transfer
Practical music structure
Detailed instruction on how to construct patterns
Changing the patterns you know to fit the music

Intensive August 2016
Comprehensive Video Analysis


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