Palm Springs Salsa Bachata Extravaganza is proud to offer the BEGINNER’S BOOT CAMP which caters specifically to beginner level dancers. Classes offered every hour at no additional charge cover basic dance skills for Salsa On 1, Salsa On 2, Casino Rueda, Bachata, Cha-Cha and more! Come! Get your feet wet!


Shani Talmor – New York Style Mambo – Salsa On 2

Shani Talmor taught and performed with Mambo King, Eddie Torres, and in this workshop Shani will share her knowledge and experience of Salsa On 2. Dancers will learn the important fundamentals of the popular New York Style – also known as Mambo. Topics include:

Rhythm and Dancing on the Beat
Authentic Mambo Style Movement
Lead / Follow Techniques
And More!

If you want to up your game, don’t miss this one!

3 Hours
$40 Early Bird / $58 Door

Liz Lira – Ladies Technique Intensive

This in-depth workshop is for committed dancers who are serious about their training. Each hour covers a different skill including:

Body Isolation
Spins and Turns
Footwork Combinations
Styling with a Partner

In addition to the mechanics, you will learn the origins of dance movements, terminology and timing. Don’t miss this workshop!

4 Hours
$40 Early Bird / $58 Door