West Coast Swing Sassy Monday
with Jay Byam and YOU!

Note: See First Monday below!
The Elks is closed on the first Monday of the month so we have a field trip night out!

Join us every Monday night for West Coast Swing Skills and Styling where you’ll find a great group of people (they’re like family), a friendly location (The Elks Lodge), and a commitment to improving our skills and sass. Plan to stay for a while after class for fun social dancing. It’s a great way to start the week.

The Elks Lodge
158 N. Conejo School Road
Thousand Oaks, CA
Cost $12

6:15 pm
Cocktails and Dance Warm-Up

Please note: The Elks Lodge does not serve food on Monday.

6:45 pm
More Than Basics WCS – Learn and Polish Your Basic Skills
This is a MUST if you want to improve your dancing. In this session we break down the intricate details of each move and learn how to execute moves properly and safely. We work on steps, timing of the lead, connection, proper body posture and foot position. Even the pro’s work on their basics regularly; let’s do the same!

7:45 pm
Sassy Swing
Intermediate Patterns & Sassy Styling for Men & Ladies

NOTE: We encourage all dancers to try the Intermediate class. If you realize the moves are a little over your skill level, we ask you to please step out and audit the class. Attempting to execute moves you are not ready for can lead to potential injury and slows the pace of the class. Don’t rush it! You’ll get there with practice and consistency.

8:45 pm
Social Dancing with DJ Jay.
Cost AFTER 9:00 pm is $8

Private Lessons

Contact Jay Byam
(805) 405-2946