Competitors! Make sure you check the Schedule for Competition Seminars offered for Intermediate, Advanced, and All Stars (included with your Event Pass). These workshops provide invaluable information and training for YOU!

Palm Springs Swing Dance Classic is proud to offer the BEGINNER BOOT CAMP which caters specifically to beginner level dancers. Classes offered every hour cover basic dance skills for West Coast Swing, Hustle, and more!

Our Schedule is jammed packed every hour with Intermediate and Advanced workshops offered at no additional charge! Learn skills and techniques taught by some of the best instructors in the business. DON’T MISS a very special workshop on Dancing The Blues taught by Robert Royston! This 2 hour workshop is included with your Full Event Pass with PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY and is a MUST for WCS dancers. Check the Schedule and make plans to be there.

Rising Stars – For your convenience, you can email your performance music to Chief DJ, Shawn Jessup at
SUBJECT: Palm Springs Rising Star Performance Music. Please include your name and contact information in case he has any questions.


Mirroring Your Partner With Manny Viarrial

Mirroring your partner is a form of styling that is a bit risky but is SO IMPRESSIVE when done well.  Manny Viarrial is one of the MASTERS at this technique and in this workshop, he will share the keys to success:

      • The initiator’s responsibility.
      • The responder’s responsibility.
      • Matching rhythm.
      • Matching movements.
      • Switching roles.
      • And more!

This workshop is for experienced dancers. If you want to up your game, don’t miss this one!

2 Hours of Awesome
$25 Early Bird / $39 Door

2 Hours With Brandi Guild – A must for all levels.

Hour One: Drills to Cultivate Skills – This workshop will show you how to get the most out of your solo practice time.

    • Learn drills that don’t require a partner or a studio.
    • Understand the concepts you are trying to achieve in each drill.
    • Learn how to create a practice plan that will help you progress, regardless of your current level of WCS.

Hour Two: What Happens When? – This is an hour of troubleshooting, problem solving, and brainstorming.

    • Learn to manage difficult lead / follow issues while social dancing.
    • Learn to protect yourself from injuries while providing enjoyable dances for your partners.
    • Talk about real world scenarios and how to handle the trickiest situations with kindness and grace.

$35 Early Bird / $49 Door

Nino DiGiulio & Dawn Lara – Hustle Teacher Training PLUS Hustle Crash Course.

This 2-in-1 Intensive is for experienced WCS dancers who want a crash course in Hustle Basics & Beyond (3 hours) PLUS a (1 hour) Teacher’s Training for instructors who want to expand their classes to include Hustle.  Instructors will be given access to a PRIVATE Facebook group which includes video breakdown of the workshop’s Hustle Core Syllabus. They will be encouraged to review the videos before attending the training to help get the most out of this workshop. This membership is included in your registration! At $50 (Early Bird), this is a worthwhile investment in your dance and business.

4 Hours
$50 Early Bird / $79 Door

Robert Royston

Champion Level Skills for All Stars (or Advanced Dancers with 10+ points). Limited availability.

2.5 Hours
$30 Early Bird / $49 Door