We know you will enjoy these fun video recaps of the workshops & seminars at our Palm Springs Events!
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1. Robert Royston Mastery Series

2. Palm Springs Swing Classic Video Note Books

3. Palm Springs Salsa Bachata Video Note Books

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Robert Royston Dancing West Coast Swing to Rhythm & Blues Music
2 Hour Intensive Aug. 2017
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Do you want master dancing Rhythm & Blues music for West Coast Swing?
These very important dance skills are essential to truly improving your swing dancing. Robert teaches us the mechanics of dancing blues rhythms and syncopations and how to lead and follow them in West Coast Swing along so much more in this 2 hour Intensive.

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Robert Royston Mastery Seminars 1 & 2 Aug 2018
6 Hour Video     $80       Buy Now

Royston’s Top Crucial Skills 3 hours
Some of you know Robert’s work, some may not, but he has a stellar reputation for intensely informative seminars, attention to students, study of human physiology and body movement. Every year he pushes the boundaries of dance excellence.
Would you like to:  
Have a condensed version of Robert’s lessons on hand to practice with again and again?
Increase the mastery of your dance form?
Increase creativity without injury risk?
Have critical basics to advanced strength at your fingertips?

This is a condensed version of his most important dance skills, culminated from years of his outstanding intensives. Because Robert continues to master the mechanics of dance we can all benefit from this intensive practice session. Advanced and professional dancers will truly improve their knowledge and skills. Do you want this essential “Crucial Skills” review? YES! This is a fast paced training. Also new dancers we guarantee you will love this !

Royston’s Mastery With New Skills & Drills 3 hours
Have you worked with dance bands yet? This seminar is a practical application for musicality with brand new drills plus more elastic band drills for home practice. Join Robert for some of his newest skills and technique drills!

6 Hour Video     $80       Buy Now

Robert Royston Two Intensives Package Jan 2018
“How Do I Get Out of My Head?” 3 hours
“The Ultimate Connection and Drills Workshop with Resistance Bands.” 3 hours
$135      Buy Now

“How Do I Get Out of My Head?” 3 hours
Join Robert Royston for an entertaining look at the internal conversation we have with ourselves while dancing. In this workshop, Robert helps identify ways we over-think our next move, choke the flow of creativity, and/or miss the opportunities the music or our partner is providing. Gain insight, have some Aha! moments, and learn skills and strategies for developing a mental game-plan that gets your Out of Your Head and into your dance.

“The Ultimate Connection and Drills Workshop with Resistance Bands.” 3 hours
In this workshop, Robert teaches brand new drills using resistance bands that help you connect with your partner at the highest level. This is a practice workshop. Come prepared to work. Resistance bands will be provided.
• Learn to establish a comfortable connection and maintain it throughout the dance.
• Learn NEW drills that incorporate resistance bands. These drills are great take-aways
you can use at home and/or teach your students.
• Learn to create and improve muscle memory that will help solidify your connection and
strengthen your dance.

Bonus, included with your purchase. “The History of Swing Intensive” 1.5 hours
This workshop has been very popular around the country this year and we are excited to bring it to Palm Springs! You don’t want to miss this! Join us as Robert teaches about the evolution of West Coast Swing from its roots to current day. Understanding where we came from, how we got here, and current trends, will give you a foundation that will greatly improve your expression of this awesome dance. Knowledge is power.
All three of these are only $135.

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The Ultimate  – With Robert Royston & Brandi Guild 
Palm Springs Swing Classic  8 hours Jan 2017
$98      Buy Now

Do you want to study a comprehensive master class taught by two of the greatest technicians in the dance world?
Join Brandi Guild and Robert Royston an unforgettable 9 hours of ultimate dance instruction.
Timeless Techniques
Do you want to improve your Lead & Follow skills?
Then study with Robert and Brandi with these individual and partnering techniques that remain constant in an ever-changing dance.
Become the partner you’ve always wanted to be through theory and practical application.
The Ultimate Jack n Jill  Master Plan

This is a mental game plan for leaders and followers. This will also help social dancers.
and more

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Aug 2018 Workshops Video Note Book
Palm Springs Summer Swing Classic

40+ Video Notebooks of these outstanding workshops
Beginners BootCamp     Intermediate and     Advanced workshops

$55.00    Buy Now

Kyle Redd Sarah Vann Drake: 3 classes in 1 Video
West Coast Swing Social Moves, Lead & Follow Skills
Intermediate to Advanced : West Coast Swing : Skills & Drills
All Stars & Advanced Competitions skills
Patty Vo 2 classes
Patty Vo’s Footwork Drills
“Meet me in the middle” how to generate play within your patterns.
Adv – Allstar Competitors
Ben Morris 3 classes
Intermediate West Coast Swing Skills
West Coast Swing Advanced Moves
Advanced West Coast Swing
Ben McHenry & Cameo Cross : 4 Classes
Beginner Boot Camp: West Coast 101
West Coast Swing Competitions Skills 
Advanced West Coast Swing
West Coast Swing Social Moves
Demetre Souliotes  2 classes
West Coast Swing  Rhythm & Music
Beginner Boot Camp: West Coast Swing – Whip University
Malia San Nicolas  2 classes

West Coast Swing Styling & Skills
“Footloose” Get funky & apply cool textures with footwork play
Mike & Amber Cross  2 classes
Classic West Coast Swing – Skills you need!
Beginner Boot Camp: Night Club Two Step
Michelle Kinkaid 2 classes
Hustle Styling Skills
Intermediate  Advanced West Coast Swing  Foot Work Skills
Angela Perez & Jonnathan DeGracia
Beginner WCS class
Ryan Crutcher & Mia Primavera 2 class
Beginner Boot Camp West Coast 
Advanced West Coast Swing Time is Our Friend
Jung Choe Margaret Tuttle 1 Class
West Coast Swing Connection Skills for Advance Footwork
Carrie Lucas 1 class
Intermediate West Coast Swing Styling
Linda Drake 1 class
Intermediate  West Coast Swing Connection
Donnie Carl & Regina Spiegel  4 classes
Easy Social West Coast Swing Moves
Advanced West Coast Swing : Connection & Fun Moves
Intermediate Hustle Intermediate to Advanced Moves
Beginner Boot Camp: West Coast Swing
Abi Leggette & Stéphane Schneider 2 Classes
Beginner Boot Camp: West Coast Swing – Put it all together
West Coast Swing  Social Moves
Pam Ford
Beginner Boot Camp – West Coast Swing
Beginner Boot Camp: Country Two Step
Joel Torgeson 1 class

Advanced West Coast Swing The Road to Awesome
Mark Pablo & Christann Heideman 1 class
Leading & Following intricate Tango legwork in your West Coast Swing
Fred & Leslie Price 2 classes in 1
Beginner Boot Camp: Hustle Review
Josh Harless 2 classes
Beginner Boot Camp: West Coast Swing 1
Beginner Boot Camp: West Coast Swing 2
Connection Skills & Anchor
Chris Jones:
Beginner Boot Camp: Intro to West Coast Swing
Shay Dixon 4 classes
Adv Hustle
Adv Hustle part 2
Int Hustle
Int Hustle Social Moves

Aug 2017, Workshops Video Note Book
Palm Springs Summer Swing Classic

48 Video Notebooks of our outstanding workshops
Beginners BootCamp  Intermediate and   Advanced workshops

$38.00     Buy Now


Directory of Workshops:
Michael and Carrie Int Night Club 2Step
Michael and Carrie Int-Adv Hustle
Michael and Carrie Int-Adv Hustle pt.2
Michael and Carrie WCS Fusion Pattern Int-Adv
Michelle Kinkaid Advanced WCS.
Mike and Amber WCS Swingin’ on a Star Int-Adv
Myles and Tessa WCS Do you hear the People Swing Int-Adv
Myles and Tessa WCS Myles and the Aamazing Int-Adv
Myles and Tessa WCS The Kiss and I
Nino and Dawn Hustle Beauties and the Beast Int
Nino and Dawn, Hustle Defying Gravity Adv
Nino and Dawn, Hustle Exp Pt2
Nino and Dawn, Hustle Exp
Pam Ford Begining Country 2Step Beg-Int
Pam Ford Begining Country 2Step Pt.2
Shay Dixon Hustle Dirty Dancing Int
Shay Dixon Hustle Guys and Dolls Int-Adv
Shay Dixon Hustle On Your Feet Beg-Int
Shay Dixon Hustle Saturday Night Fever Int-Adv
Stephane and Abi WCS Beg
Stephane and Abi WCS Smoke and Mirrors Int-AdvBeg
Begining Night Club 2 step Mike and Amber
Begining West Coast Swing Pam Ford
Ben and Cameo WCS Drills and Exercises
Ben and Cameo WCS Musicality Simplified
Ben and Cameo WCS Westie Line Dance With a Twist
Chris Jones WCS Beginner’s Boot Camp
Chris Jones WCS To Whip, or Not to Whip
Demetre Souliotis Beginners Boot Camp
Demetre Souliotis WCS Lots-O-Leverage
Gary Jobst WCS Get the Connection
Gary Jobst WCS Keepin’ it Close
Jason and Yvonne WCS Amazing Feets
Jason and Yvonne WCS Positive and Negative Leading and Following
Jason and Yvonne WCS Wonderous Rides
Josh Harless Beginners Boot Camp
Josh Harless Biginners Boot Camp pt2
Kara Frenzel WCS Inter-Adv
Malia San Nicolas WCS Footloose Int-Adv
Malia San Nicolas WCS Hocus Pocus
Malia San Nicolas WCS School of Rock Int
Mary Ann Nunez Carolina Shag IntPt1
Mary Ann Nunez Carolina Shag IntPt2

Dec Jan, 2017-18
Workshops Video Note Book

Palm Springs New Year’s Swing Classic

48 Video Notebooks of the regular workshops
Beginners BootCamp  Intermediate and   Advanced workshops

$38.00     Buy Now

2018 Palm Springs Salsa Bachata Extravaganza
Workshops Video Note Book

50 Salsa Bachata Workshop Video Notebooks
Beginner’s BootCamp       Intermediate      Advanced

$55.00       Buy Now

Aug 2017, Workshops Video Note Book
2017 Palm Springs Salsa Bachata Extravaganza

50 Salsa Bachata Workshop Video Notebooks
Beginners BootCamp     Intermediate   and    Advanced workshops

$38.00     Buy Now