Specialty Intensives 

Robert Royston

“The Royston Method” 

“The Royston Method”
All new techniques All new Exercises
Re-think how one body moves another! Robert has been working hard the last few months on all new material. Full body movement will be made easy, as well as the mental game and mindful conditioning.

Monday Dec 30
10:00 – 1:00 pm
Only $85 early tickets by Dec 15!
$150 full price


Robert Royston – Classic Moves & Definitive Skills

Do you know your “classic” skills?
Do you want a foundation that will greatly improve your West Coast Swing expression?
Then, you don’t want to miss this! Join us as Robert teaches the classic moves that every Westie should master. 

This Intensive is INCLUDED FREE
w/ all EARLY tickets by Dec 23!

Robert Royston’s Choreography Class

2 hours of FUN. Learn some exciting Choreography to a pop swing song and get to see how Robert phrases & styles his dance. Leaders & Followers, improve your skills while learning fun moves and improve your styling to pop West Coast Swing music! 
And Everyone is invited to perform this piece!

This Intensive is INCLUDED FREE
w/ all EARLY tickets by Dec 23!



Donnie Carl & Regina Shpigel

Dips, Tricks and Lifts 

Learn the timing and technique needed to safely execute advanced social and competitive grounded tricks, weight supported moves, and Showcase-style lifts. Please register with a partner.
Register Now!

Shay Dixon

Shay will be teaching his “NEW” ideas on Hustle Styling and dancing!

DO NOT miss the big show. Shay has some New Year’s Eve surprises for you during our show (and NO its not dancing!)



Gary Jobst: Judge Training


  • Learn how to judge dancers with the help of a Pro Judge!
  • Includes mock-judging
  • Contact Gary Jobst to learn more about this opportunity
    • garyjobst@gmail.com