Best Director

Jay Byam, Jay Byam Presents


Official Accounting Firm

Gary Jobst, Chief Judge
Paul Stoddard, Scoring
Rhonda Shotts, Competition Coordinator

Master of Ceremonies

Robert Royston

Best Star Staff

More to come!

Robert Royston

Sean McKeever  Courtney Adair

Donnie Carl  Regina Shpigel

Jung Choe  Margie Tuttle

Gary Jobst

Michelle Kinkaid

Chantelle Pianetta

Dillon Luther

Demetre Souliotes
Shay Dixon
Joel Torgeson
Lisa Picard   Stephen Weltz

Sonny Watson
Rogério Storani
Pam Ford

Josh & Rachel Harless


Francisco Membreno


Best Musical Performance

Chief DJ: Shawn Jessup
Chris Jones
Helen Tocco
Aidan Keith Hynes
Fred Johnson


Francisco Membreno
Denise Jeong

Best Staff in a Supporting Role

(Listed Alphabetically)

Deanna Aguilar
Mike Edwardh
Michelle Gaye
Andrea Hall
Tom Perlinger
Michele Rheiner
Jacob Tamburro

Chuck Trepp