Best Director

Jay Byam, Jay Byam Presents


Official Accounting Firm

Gary Jobst, Chief Judge
Paul Stoddard, Scoring
Wren Newman, Competition Coordinator
Vinh Mines DJ & Tech Support!

Master of Ceremonies

Robert Royston

Star Staff

More to come!

Robert Royston
Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair
Jason Wayne
Donnie Carl Regina Shpigel
Jung Choe Margie Tuttle
Gary Jobst
Austin Kois
Michelle Kinkaid
Chantelle Pianetta
Dillon Luther
Demetre Souliotes
Shay Dixon
Mark Pablo & Christann Heideman
Joel Torgeson
Tracy Wang
Lisa Picard
Stephen Weltz
Denise Gibson
Sonny Watson
Carrie Lucas
Rogério Storani
Pam Ford
Josh & Rachel Harless

Best Musical Performance

Chief DJ: Shawn Jessup
Chris Jones
Helen Tocco
Brain Sforzo
Aidan Keith Hynes
Taylor Banfield
Fred Johnson


Francisco Membreno
Denise Jeong

Best Staff in a Supporting Role

(Listed Alphabetically)

Deanna Aguilar
Mike Edwardh
Michelle Gaye
Andrea Hall
Tom Perlinger
Michele Rheiner
Jacob Tamburro

Chuck Trepp