Step 1
buy a “Refundable $50 Volunteer Pass”

Step 2
Please return here to fill out your Volunteer Form ( to choose the hours you want) AFTER you have purchased your Volunteer Pass.

Thank you very much for joining “THE CREW”
We cannot schedule you if you have not purchased your “REFUNDABLE” Volunteer pass.

Thank you! 🙂



Let’s be honest fun free things are FUN!

    2 Of the Robert Royston Seminars are FREE for Volunteers
    * Choreography Class & Classic Moves & Definitive Skills
    A VIP Seat at a Reserved Table
    All The Regular Workshop & Dances Included
    4 Nights of Fun Dances
    NYE Count Down Party Included!
    A Great Discount for the NYE Dinner & Show
    (If you want the Dinner & Show we have an exclusive price for Volunteers only)




Let’s be honest. We NEED you.

Running an event of this size successfully, greatly depends on the participation and support of our friends who volunteer their help. We couldn’t deliver the scale of an event like New Year’s using just in-house resources – there simply isn’t enough to go around. That’s where YOU come in. The amazing people who volunteer at this event are giving, caring, capable people who get satisfaction from helping. They are passionate, selfless, kind, generous souls who partner with us to make the event special, organized, and fun for the whole.


Along with our immense gratitude, we offer our volunteers a FREE Full Event Pass in exchange for 11 hours of service at the event. We have positions in the following areas:

  • Registration – Sales and registration for event passes, competitions, and videos.
    The perfect volunteer for this position will love serving people, must be able to work under pressure, must have good computer skills and the ability to remember lots of details.
  • Pre-Event Set-Up – Ballroom, classrooms, hospitality and admin area. 
    This position entails unloading, sorting, unpacking and set-up of lighting, sound/video equipment, draping, hospitality/office equipment and supplies. This position requires heavy lifting, walking, standing, bending and climbing. Being mechanically inclined and not prone to accidents is a plus. 🙂
  • Pre-Event Decoration and Balloon Drop.
    The perfect volunteer for this position will have a talent for decorating with flair . . . or at least know how to set a table. LOL.
  • During-Event Ballroom Assistant.
    This position entails keeping the ballroom neat, organized and running smoothly. Duties will vary moment-to-moment depending on the need. This position requires some early mornings (8:00 am), lots of walking, and assistance with spot lights and video cameras during competitions.
  • Hospitality – Food preparation, set-up, and clean-up.
    The perfect volunteer for this position will know their way around the kitchen, have basic knowledge of food handling and cleanliness, love serving people, and enjoy creating a warm, comfortable environment for staff to relax.
  • Door Security – Check Wristbands and Monitor/Observe Surroundings.
    The perfect volunteer will be alert and watchful and will have a commitment to guard their post diligently.  
  • Post-Event Tear-Down – Tear down of all areas will occur on New Year’s Day and help is very much needed.
    This position entails disassembling, sorting, packing, folding, boxing, stacking and loading all our stuff! Eeek!

Positions will fill up quickly, especially because of New Year’s. Our Volunteer Coordinator, can  walk you through the process. She will be your point-of-contact throughout the event and she’ll take good care of you. Also, please note that every volunteer will be asked to work a minimum of 1 hour on New Year’s Eve. We ask for every one’s patience and understanding in this area. We believe if everyone helps carry the load, no one will get stuck with the whole responsibility on New Year’s Eve.

Please know it’s a comfort for us to know we have an extra layer of support. You are not “just volunteers”. We see you as an extension of our staff and the front line to delivering excellent service to our guests.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  • Work a total of 11 hours during the Event and earn a free General Full Event Pass (Dinner Show not included).
  • To participate, you must pay a refundable deposit of $50 up front. Once you complete your volunteer hours, you will receive a full refund.

To sign-up, please visit the Registration page and purchase a Volunteer pass to secure your spot on staff. When all available positions have been filled, the Volunteer pass will no longer be available. After you purchase your pass, come back to this page and fill out the Volunteer form (above). Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you via email to provide detailed instructions for check-in, scheduling, and duties.

If you have questions, please email our staff at  Jaybyamvolunteer@gmail.com.